Mission: Create a balanced and fair world, taking a wholistic approach


Harleen grew up with the principles of balance, living in peace yet never failing to stand up when faced with injustice or for the downtrodden. She created Hypatia to embody the same principles in investments that could in a small way create a more equitable world. Harleen is an advocate for honesty and truth always facing up to hard facts which is the world Hypatia is hoping to achieve through its transparent structure.


Harleen has over a decade of experience in commodities markets covering trading, investing and effective portfolio construction at the executive level. Having focused on energy and the transition to net zero, she has experience in moving the dial to a sustainable future. Harleen’s experience in commercial as well as risk and governance roles places her at the forefront of ESG investing.


Harleen has expertise in deal structuring and execution, extracting tradeable value and effectively managing a portfolio to generate “hockey stick payoffs.” Her experiences include constructing bid documents for exploration acreage, acquiring solar and electric vehicle businesses, purchase and turnaround of refining and power station assets. Harleen specialises in private asset management, centering on a returns and resilience approach.


Harleen has always been motivated by her principles towards a future steered by efficient, fair and balanced decision making. This is how she is bringing up her two children and she is driven for Hypatia to succeed in this objective.


Harleen lives in Surrey with her husband, daughter, son and Labrador puppy.

Harleen Cook

CIO, Director