Chase C. Cicchetti

CFO, Director

Mission: Pursue the truth and promote radical economic transparency

Chase has over a decade of experience in currency research sales and trading, having collaborated with sovereign and private institutional asset managers from bases in Singapore, London and Boston.  Before transitioning into academia, he managed a fiduciary currency sales process for North America, leveraging cutting-edge financial services technology and research partnerships to structure outsourced currency best-execution facilities for top-tier Bank counterparts.


Chase has focused his research applications on the emerging markets, and on creating enhanced currency risk-management frameworks for local market currency exposure via commodity prices and volatility acceleration-based crisis prediction models. He is committed to exploring both historical and experimental models in addressing a crisis of confidence in today's international institutions.



Chase learned the importance of sustainability from a young age as an Eagle Scout, internalizing values of conservation and stakeholder activism. As an economist, Chase believes that people make better decisions when they are well educated. Hypatia, in his eyes, is an effort to shine new light on an evolving industry where consumers currently do not have the necessary information to make informed decisions. Fake news, misinformation and conspiracy movements are symptoms of this problem, and the economics of Hypatia aim to treat the issue at the source.


Chase currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and rescue puppy.