Alternate Technology Fund

The Alternative Technology Fund is an ESG fund investing in Media and Entertainment (M&E) deals across the value chain that enhances trust and reduce the spread of pollutants both physical and mental.

What does Alternative Technology mean? 

Alternative Energy is the disruption needed in the energy industry to reduce pollution and encourage compassion towards the environment.


We believe that the media and entertainment industry is building momentum to a similar disruption where mental and physical pollutants need to be curbed.


Projects that attempt to achieve this goal are considered to be Alternative Technology.

Why the whole value chain? 

Covid has taught us that devices and content are linked and together they create the full user experience. Furthermore, both have an impact on society either physically by impacting the environment or mentally through representation and trust. 

Integration yields resilience which makes the positive impact sustainable.


We aim to maximize returns and social impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our USP?

Compassion creates Upside in the long run.

Impact investing is Sustainable, building a balanced portfolio to ensure returns both financial and social are resilient.

Analytics unlocks Potential, we have an extensive ecosystem of partnerships, experience and analytical capability to "moneyball" investments.