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Compassionate investing 
Inclusion creates opportunities,
Exploitation creates risks,
Good business considers both.

Compassion pays Dividends

What if investment provided returns and social good?  

The Hypatia Way

Could stakeholder value unlock shareholder value?

​We believe that this reality is already here. ESG should be wholistic and purpose-driven and thus we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By investing with compassion, we align ourselves with the social movements redefining equity and position our portfolios for the future.  

​​We define Media as: “The creation of content distributed through technology” – Steve Jobs*.

Media & Entertainment is at the forefront of engagement with what matters most to consumers.  How one spends one's time, and what values one wishes to engage with, is valuable gauge on where demand is going.  Shifting consumer preferences are being tracked every day, and we believe that by empowering people to take control over their data we can create a more inclusive economy that works for everyone.

Compassion pays dividends.

Our Mission

"Using our influence to make a compassionate impact" 

Provide thought leadership and ESG funds working to rebuild trust

Foster a balanced future inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Support initiatives that reduce mental and physical pollutants