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We look to create change in the most influential industry : Media and Entertainment


Inclusion creates opportunities

Exploitation creates risks

Good business considers both

We pay you for your attention so that it is consented, fair and transparent. We use it to invest in the projects that matter to you using our influence to create change.

Our attention has value.


We use cutting edge data analytics and our strategic partnerships to have a live tap on what is trending. We curate, support and scale up trending content and the future of devices that create a sustainable future.

Alternative Technology©

We haven't been able to switch off

With different life and work apps the inease of changing between apps has meant we have found ourselves spending too long working or too long procrastinating

We have been held under "app arrest" by the popular apps that only target one part of our life.

​Our work - life balance is off

The environment is suffering from device overuse and our minds are suffering from lack of balance.


Attention Currency™

Driving change and resilient returns through dedication, precision and compassion


Mental and physical pollution

Covid has taught us our world is unsustainable.

Technology has connected us in ways we needed to be possible to still operate and succeed for the economy and our health. This has come at a cost, we have been held under "App Arrest" which has left us lonely.


We believe all choices have value and shouldn't be exploited. Therefore, both our customers and investors will be made aware of the value of their choice and we hope to reward them for making choices that support a sustainable world


As choices have value both economic and social, we believe every person can be part of change towards a more sustainable world. That is why we hope our investors and customers feel empowered to have a voice and use it.


We believe in resilience . Our investments and footprint are aimed at creating a sustainable world while delivering economic returns.


Compassion pays Dividends.


"Be the change you want to see..."


Investing in materials and engineering that creates sustainable and fair technology

Investing in technologies that improve mental health through transparency and consequence

Investing in content that promotes balanced representation

Media defined as: “the creation of content distributed through technology”


Technology grows so does loneliness


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